Hey! I’m Alán, thanks for checking out The Road Less Captured, the website for Alán Sneider Photography! If you didn’t catch onto the idiom/Robert Frost reference (The Road Less Traveled), you might be thinking why such an obscure name, and if you did, you might be thinking why that phrase? Well, I’ve been fortunate enough to have explored 45 different countries in ways not many people have. I’ve arrived at places after endless hours, sometimes days, of traveling that seem like they’re untouched by man, or even on a different planet; that isn’t always the case of course, but it has led to me seeking such hidden gems whenever I go on a trip.

Over the last couple years, I realized that trying to describe these places to friends and family didn’t do them nearly enough justice – an experience like that just can’t be accurately described. So I decided to pickup photography, not just point-and-shoot photography, but the real deal. And so now I am here, feeling like I finally have the beginnings of something worth sharing with anyone looking for travel recommendations, new travel ideas, beautiful (I hope!) photography and images, and just any general interest in travel, photography, landscapes, and lesser-known corners of the world. Enjoy!

Alan Sneider Photography

Growing up, I always enjoyed taking pictures on my family trips. My mom was the one that really carried the camera around, and I remember often asking to borrow it to take some photos of my own. For the most part, the camera was just set to automatic settings, and I would just take a picture of what I saw. I loved bringing back those moments frozen in time. People say a picture is worth a thousand words, and in many ways it is also worth a thousand memories.

I never even gave much thought to my photography, however, until I began planning a short trip up to Yosemite National Park in 2013. When looking for things to do, I stumbled upon a Photography Workshop with a local photographer there, Robb Hirsch. Seeing his photographs and what Yosemite had to offer, I had to bring back some shots of my own like that. I spent two or three days shooting with Robb learning mostly the fundamentals of the camera, lighting, and framing a shot. Upon returning home, I began teaching myself really all I could about photography, never having taken a class before. I read all sorts of books, blogs, articles, and mostly looked at pictures online that had published the camera settings for the photo so that I could mirror images I loved.

I went on experimenting with my photography, namely in December 2014 when I went to shoot the Geminid Meteor Shower, and then most of all when I went to study abroad in Helsinki, Finland. There, I knew I was going to have the opportunity to take some pretty amazing pictures of some pretty amazing places, namely photographing the Northern Lights. So I spent the semester traveling to 16 different countries, some I had seen before, some I hadn’t, and practicing my photography.

Most recently, I had the fortune of spending three days in the South Island of New Zealand shadowing and learning from famed landscape photographer, Petr Hlavacek. These three days undoubtedly granted me the best photos in my portfolio, as I learned more advanced techniques that need to be learned in the field, not read online. A big thanks to Petr for taking the time to teach me.

Though I am getting better every time I go into the field, I am by no means a professional photographer, nor is that my goal. If my photography turns out to be of professional quality, that is fantastic, but ultimately, I just want to keep exploring and share what I find with you. All photography I post is my own, unless otherwise stated.


Even though I feel old having just graduated from the University of Southern California, I am only 21 years old. After my parents moved from Mexico City, I was born and raised in beautiful Los Angeles, California, and never left except for my semester abroad. I don’t think I ever felt the need to leave such an amazing place because I have traveled to 45 countries already.

As much as I want to say I have seen and done it all, I am elated that I can’t. Despite having spent time with X’ai X’ai click tribe in Botswana, canyoneering down waterfalls to (what seemed like) the middle of the Earth in Claustral Canyon, Australia, trekking through Chinese forests in search of wild pandas, journeying to the ancient ruins in Israel, feeding frenzied sharks in the Bahamas, wining and dining through Chateau-ridden Southern France, and surfing the California coast (OK, boogie-boarding), I feel I have only seen a fraction of what our home has to offer. I can’t wait to see it all. Make sure to add me on social media! 

A few things I like:

  • Batman (my alter ego – watch out Bruce Wayne) (see above)
  • Game of Thrones
  • Soccer – playing, watching, playing (FIFA)
  • Scuba Diving
  • House of Cards
  • Superheroes – Marvel, DC, movies, tv shows (Avengers, Daredevil, Arrow)
  • Pokemon – Its my childhood. It will never get old.
  • Dragon Ball Z – also my childhood.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh – also my childhood.
  • Las Vegas
  • Puppies (and pretty much all animals EXCEPT SPIDERS)
  • San Pellegrino
  • Need I say Photography and Traveling?
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Featured Image: @Jake Anderson Photography