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It wasn’t until recently that I decided what I was most interested in photographing was landscape photography. When I was younger I was all about the animals. Maybe it takes a level of maturity to appreciate the scenes and intricacies found in landscape photography, and I didn’t develop up that until I started looking at everything as a composition. Regardless, shifting into landscape photography from my past interests has allowed me to really take in the world around me in a way I never had. I am cognizant of every detail, and admire every scene, even something that once seemed so plain like a barren desert. It teaches your eye a new way of looking at things. I try to present all my photographs exactly how I saw them in the moment. I think post-processing (by the way, I hate to break it to you, but pretty much all professional pictures are post-processed – especially those eye-catching ones you see with a bunch of extremely bright and profound colors) is great because how I render the image expresses how I felt in the moment since it is all from memory.

I definitely would say that in general, my two favorite things to photograph are water and mountains. I’m not sure exactly why, but I think what each makes me feel is a big reason of why I got serious about my photography. I love water – I think it’s beautiful, all-powerful, mysterious, calming, healing, that probably explains also why I love scuba diving (if you haven’t, you should get certified). Anywhere there is water, there’s life and a beautiful scene to be captured. I’m not sure I can say I feel the same way about mountains, in that there will always be an epic shot (maybe with the right lighting). However, mountains are imposing and grandiose, and to me they are temptation – tempting me to climb them and look at the world from their perspective and feel the way they must. They challenge me, and in accepting their challenge I am rewarded with some of the best experiences – and photography – of my life. Of course, this isn’t all I photograph (snow and the night sky are up there), I try to just capture anything that makes me feel the way I just described. If some scene makes me feel that way, then I hope I can bring you that same feeling from a road less captured.









Dogsledding Narnia

Alan Fjord Perspective

Soca 1

Lake Bled

Goat Lake